16 June 2016

“Great Scott” … If You See Something Out of the Ordinary, Report It!

16 June 2016,

The Facts It was a quiet day in Hill Valley. Marty had a long list of title searches to run at the Courthouse, and […]

27 May 2016

14 Tips to Protect Data

27 May 2016,

According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2015 global breach survey, on a global basis the average cost of a breach was $3.8 million, with a […]

13 May 2016

Warning: Do Not Disburse Funds from Email Confirming Wire Instructions

13 May 2016,

Title and settlement agents should always be aware of fraudulent email schemes that attempt to divert escrow funds to unauthorized accounts. Now, there’s a […]

29 April 2016

Claims Corner: Owner’s Policy Protects Homeowner from Sewer Installation Lien

29 April 2016,

Type of Claim: Utility Liens, Charges and Assessments Facts: In 2006, Alice sought the installation of sewer and other utilities for a contemplated duplex. […]

15 April 2016

Cybersecurity Outlook and Tips to Protect Data

15 April 2016,

As the cybersecurity and data privacy landscapes continue to shift, the importance of companies in the title and settlement services industries to understand the […]