15 April 2016

Cybersecurity Outlook and Tips to Protect Data

15 April 2016,

As the cybersecurity and data privacy landscapes continue to shift, the importance of companies in the title and settlement services industries to understand the […]

1 April 2016

Training Tips to Help Employees Spot Fraudulent Emails

1 April 2016,

  There are many steps title and settlement companies can take to thwart email schemes and potential account takeovers. To help prevent a business […]

4 March 2016

Title Agents Must Watch for Fraudulent Deeds

4 March 2016,

Fraud and forgeries have been around for as long as private property rights have existed in real property and provide a great example of […]

26 February 2016

Claims Corner: The Value of Title Insurance for the Cash Purchaser

26 February 2016,

                      The Claims Corner is a TitleNews Online feature provided by ALTA’s Claims Committee, […]

19 February 2016

Easement Basics

19 February 2016,

This Huffpost article by Brad Reid provides some good, basic information with regard to easements, their complexity, differences across state governments, and the potential […]