19 February 2016

Easement Basics

19 February 2016,

This Huffpost article by Brad Reid provides some good, basic information with regard to easements, their complexity, differences across state governments, and the potential […]

12 February 2016

Claims Corner: Owner’s Policy Protects Homeowner from Sewer Installation Lien

12 February 2016,

The Claims Corner is a TitleNews Online feature provided by ALTA’s Claims Committee, which reviews claims that have a unique or interesting set of […]

5 February 2016

20 Items to Help Prevent Fraud and Forgery

5 February 2016,

                  While the volume of claims the title industry has paid has declined every year since […]

29 January 2016

The Unlikeliest of Crooks

29 January 2016,

Even If You Know and Trust a Company’s Representative, Make Sure They Have Authority to Bind the Company Before You Allow Them To Do […]

18 December 2015

Protect Your Company With an Ancient Weapon … the Telephone!

18 December 2015,

While the efficiency and convenience of e-mail are necessary in almost all businesses, attaining a few key phone numbers in the early stages of […]