25 January 2019

Let’s Talk E&O: How do the Title Underwriter Deductible Reduction Endorsements work?

25 January 2019,

Reduce your out-of-pocket expenses with a deductible reduction endorsement. Title Industry Assurance Company, RRG (TIAC) has the distinction of being endorsed by all of […]

2 January 2019

Let’s Talk E&O: Client Funds Protection Coverage

2 January 2019,

Today’s news is full of stories of cyber crime and the resulting damage to small and large businesses.  There has been a particular increase […]

29 November 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: What is the difference between CEIL and CEOL?

29 November 2018,

You may have received a quote for your E&O insurance policy with options for “CEIL” and “CEOL” and wondered what are these coverage options […]

9 November 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: What professional services are covered?

9 November 2018,

What professional services are covered on my policy? A basic element to protecting your business is understanding the terms of your professional liability (E&O) […]

26 October 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: Who is an Insured?

26 October 2018,

Who is consider an insured on my policy? Whether you operate as a sole proprietor or a corporate entity, you may find yourself asking […]