Professional Services Covered
9 November 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: What professional services are covered?

9 November 2018,

What professional services are covered on my policy? A basic element to protecting your business is understanding the terms of your professional liability (E&O) […]

Who is an Insured?
26 October 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: Who is an Insured?

26 October 2018,

Who is consider an insured on my policy? Whether you operate as a sole proprietor or a corporate entity, you may find yourself asking […]

11 October 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: I think I have a claim. What should I do?

11 October 2018,

Learn how to survive a professional liability claim. Professional liability claims are an occupational hazard.  They can happen to anyone.  Many experienced and respected […]

What is a Claims Made Policy?
28 September 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: What is a Claims-Made Policy?

28 September 2018,

Nearly all Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance is provided in the form of a “claims-made” policy. Claims-made policies require that the policy be in […]

21 September 2018

TIAC Celebrates 30 Years!

21 September 2018,

Burlington, VA – Title Industry Assurance Company RRG (TIAC) has reached an exciting milestone as it celebrates 30 years of providing top-tier errors and […]