Who is an Insured?
26 October 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: Who is an Insured?

26 October 2018,

Who is consider an insured on my policy? Whether you operate as a sole proprietor or a corporate entity, you may find yourself asking […]

11 October 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: I think I have a claim. What should I do?

11 October 2018,

Learn how to survive a professional liability claim. Professional liability claims are an occupational hazard.  They can happen to anyone.  Many experienced and respected […]

What is a Claims Made Policy?
28 September 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: What is a Claims-Made Policy?

28 September 2018,

Nearly all Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance is provided in the form of a “claims-made” policy. Claims-made policies require that the policy be in […]

21 September 2018

TIAC Celebrates 30 Years!

21 September 2018,

Burlington, VA – Title Industry Assurance Company RRG (TIAC) has reached an exciting milestone as it celebrates 30 years of providing top-tier errors and […]

23 August 2018

ALTA Rapid Response Plan for Wire Fraud Incidents

23 August 2018,

Information security and wire transfer fraud are critical topics for the land title insurance and settlement industry. Wire transfer fraud is a threat to […]