3 November 2017

Real Estate Wire Fraud

3 November 2017,

Wire fraud is a real and growing danger for professionals involved in real estate transactions. The hacking has moved beyond email spoofing to even […]

6 October 2017

The Docket: Decision Affecting Tax Sale Notices Appealed to Indiana Supreme Court

6 October 2017,

The Docket is a monthly TitleNews Online feature provided by ALTA’s Title Counsel Committee, which reviews significant court rulings and other legal developments, and […]

15 September 2017

3 Things To Do If Phished

15 September 2017,

Title and settlement companies impersonated as part of an email phishing scam should notify customers as soon as possible, contact law enforcement, provide resources […]

8 September 2017

Are You Vulnerable to This Hacking Attack?

8 September 2017,

Can you spot the imposter?  Don’t feel bad if you cannot, many Democratic National Committee (DNC) employees couldn’t either. By Dominic Fahey Can you […]

25 August 2017

Alert: Watch for Fake Dropbox Emails Sharing ‘Closing Disclosure’

25 August 2017,

Fake Dropbox emails are circulating once again urging recipients to sign in to access and view documents. Prior to implementation of the TILA-RESPA Integrated […]

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