Pre-claims assistance
2 April 2019

Let’s Talk E&O: What help can TIAC provide before a claim is made?

2 April 2019,

The TIAC policy provides pre-claims assistance to its policyholders.  This means that TIAC will cover the costs and expenses of investigating a circumstance that […]

What do I do
11 October 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: I think I have a claim. What should I do?

11 October 2018,

Learn how to survive a professional liability claim. Professional liability claims are an occupational hazard.  They can happen to anyone.  Many experienced and respected […]

What is a Claims Made Policy?
28 September 2018

Let’s Talk E&O: What is a Claims-Made Policy?

28 September 2018,

Nearly all Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance is provided in the form of a “claims-made” policy. Claims-made policies require that the policy be in […]

business emal compromise timeline
7 August 2018

Federal Sting Disrupts, Recovers $14 Million in Fraudulent Wire Transfers

7 August 2018,

Federal authorities—including the Department of Justice and the FBI—coordinated a major law enforcement effort to disrupt international Business Email compromise (BEC) schemes designed to intercept and hijack wire […]

Fraudulent wire transfer kill chain process
7 August 2018

Hit by Wire Transfer Fraud? Use the Kill Chain Process

7 August 2018,

Criminals launder billions of dollars overseas through financial fraud schemes like wire transfer fraud,  corporate account takeovers, business e-mail compromise scams and other financial […]