12 February 2016

Claims Corner: Owner’s Policy Protects Homeowner from Sewer Installation Lien

12 February 2016,

The Claims Corner is a TitleNews Online feature provided by ALTA’s Claims Committee, which reviews claims that have a unique or interesting set of […]

5 February 2016

20 Items to Help Prevent Fraud and Forgery

5 February 2016,

                  While the volume of claims the title industry has paid has declined every year since […]

29 January 2016

The Unlikeliest of Crooks

29 January 2016,

Even If You Know and Trust a Company’s Representative, Make Sure They Have Authority to Bind the Company Before You Allow Them To Do […]

18 December 2015

Protect Your Company With an Ancient Weapon … the Telephone!

18 December 2015,

While the efficiency and convenience of e-mail are necessary in almost all businesses, attaining a few key phone numbers in the early stages of […]

14 August 2015

The Facts: A Liability Insurance Lesson

14 August 2015,

The closing was set for Friday, and Fifty Percent Title had identified all of the liens that needed to be addressed. One of the […]