clearing a title for real property
10 May 2023

Clearing a Title for Real Property: The Common Oversights

10 May 2023,

When buying or selling real estate, clearing the title is a crucial step in the process. The responsibility of verifying ownership and claims to […]

e&o coverage
1 December 2022

Title Agents, Are You Prepared For a Lawsuit? Here’s Why You Need E&O Coverage

1 December 2022,

Errors and Omission (E&O) coverage can be just another overhead cost for many title agents, especially if they have never filed a claim against […]

31 August 2022

Back to Basics – Comparing E&O Deductible Types

31 August 2022,

Errors and omissions insurance has two different types of deductibles. The first type, Loss & Expense (L&E), is included automatically. The second type, First […]

17 August 2022

Back to Basics – Top 3 Claims for E&O for Title Agents

17 August 2022,

Claims can be a complicated topic to review. Today’s infographic reviews the top claim trends for Title Agents and some quick tips to keep […]

10 August 2022

Back to Basics – What is a Claims-Made Policy?

10 August 2022,

At TIAC, we want to make sure our policyholders understand how their policy works, and where coverage begins and ends. Check out the information […]