3 August 2022

Back to Basics – Extended Reporting Period (ERP)

3 August 2022,

This month we are reviewing common questions in a simple and engaging format. Today’s quick review is about the Extended Reporting Period. Check out […]

Elder fraud claims
7 April 2022

Common Professional Mistakes Title Agents Should Guard Against

7 April 2022,

Errors and omissions insurance covers the cost of any lawsuits if your client claims your work was late, not delivered as promised or finished […]

Title Abstractor Benefits
6 October 2021

The Benefits of Errors and Omissions Insurance for Title Abstractors

6 October 2021,

In the process of a title search, many problems can happen. Errors and omissions insurance* protects title abstractors from: An incomplete title review A […]

Difference between types of title agents
14 July 2021

What is the Difference Between a Title Abstractor, a Title Agent, and an Escrow Officer?

14 July 2021,

Read below to learn the definitions of these professions that are vital to real estate sales. Title Abstractor, Title Examiner or Title Searcher – […]

Transferring Title to Property involved in illegal activity
15 July 2019

Marijuana and the Title Industry

15 July 2019,

Old Republic Title discusses the cannabis industry and the risks of transferring real property that is associated with unlawful activity.  Read the full article […]