26 April 2017

Tips for Businesses Impersonated as Part of Email Phishing Scams

26 April 2017,

Title and settlement companies impersonated as part of an email phishing scam should notify customers as soon as possible, contact law enforcement, provide resources […]

29 March 2017

Learn How to Identify Valid and Suspicious Email

29 March 2017,

While companies may have spam filters and antivirus software, spam and phishing emails can still slip through employee inboxes. Email recipients are the most […]

7 December 2016

Revisiting an Old Topic, and Ancient Weapon … the Telephone

7 December 2016,

WHEN  we last addressed this topic, we discussed the importance of getting telephone contact information at the beginning of every closing so that e-mailed […]

29 July 2016

FBI Reports Email Fraud Schemes Result in $3.1B in Losses Since 2015

29 July 2016,

Sophisticated email scams targeting businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments has increased 1,300 percent and resulted in losses totaling $3.1 billion, according to […]

4 March 2016

Title Agents Must Watch for Fraudulent Deeds

4 March 2016,

Fraud and forgeries have been around for as long as private property rights have existed in real property and provide a great example of […]