professional liability insurance for title agents and law firms
16 November 2023

Why Title Agencies and Law Firms Need to Understand Sharing Limits in Professional Liability Insurance

16 November 2023,

For over 30 years, TIAC has safeguarded title professionals, including title agency owners who often own law firms or practice as attorneys. In some […]

Man conducting remote online notarization on laptop with headset
11 January 2023

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Online Notarization

11 January 2023,

Are you in the title industry and have questions about Remote Online Notarization (RON)? Here is some helpful information to help explain what RON […]

Ohio's Safe at Home Program
1 June 2022

Ohio’s “Safe at Home” Program and What It Means for Lawyers and Real Estate Professionals

1 June 2022,

This past January, Ohio Senate passed the Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program. Ohio joined 36 states that allow survivors of domestic abuse to […]

Woman Conducting a Remote Online Notarization Session on Laptop
17 May 2022

Why Remote Online Notarization Demand is Increasing

17 May 2022,

The age of the pandemic forced industries to reinvent and adapt to a virtual working world. One of the most impactful processes to become […]

Title agent mobile call with client
12 January 2022

Easy Ways to Document Cell Phone Conversations with Clients

12 January 2022,

Does your title agency have procedures in place for how employees should document cell phone conversations with clients? When working remotely, many title agents […]