data privacy for title professionals
10 July 2023

Data Privacy Legislation: Implications for Title Professionals

10 July 2023,

News about Data Privacy for Title Professionals The recent passing of comprehensive data privacy bills in states like Texas, Florida, Delaware, and Oregon, and […]

wire fraud in the title industry
14 June 2023

Staying Ahead of Hackers: Preventing Wire Fraud in the Title Industry

14 June 2023,

News about Wire Fraud in the Title Industry The threat of wire fraud is on the rise within the title industry, as hackers employ […]

best practices for policyholders
4 April 2023

Stay Ahead in the Title Industry with ALTA’s Updated Best Practices 4.0: A Must-Read for TIAC Policyholders

4 April 2023,

All TIAC policyholders are members of ALTA, which offers excellent resources for professionals in the title industry, especially for new policyholders and members. This […]

geographic targeting orders
25 January 2023

Expansion of Real Estate Geographic Targeting Orders

25 January 2023,

Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. title agents have recently been included in the list of areas that require all cash real estate transactions be documented […]

title insurance producer
21 December 2022

Title Insurance Producers: Do You Have an Active License?

21 December 2022,

Title Insurance Producers are required to hold an active license and surety bond, in addition to proper insurance protection for your business and professional […]