Title agent mobile call with client
12 January 2022
12 January 2022,
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Does your title agency have procedures in place for how employees should document cell phone conversations with clients? When working remotely, many title agents rely on mobile phones for client conversations.

Now that many of us work remotely some or all of the time, it is important to keep the same level of correspondence records as were kept when all of the agency staff were in the office before the pandemic began. Not having proper records can lead to problems in case a claim is filed against a title.

Your office procedure might be that title agents and staff should immediately transcribe phone calls including mobile calls and voicemails in a log including name, date, time, contact number and a summary of the conversation topics. However, mobile phone conversations are often not documented correctly. While most title agencies have procedures in place for documenting office calls, many don’t have the required methods for documenting mobile calls.

Establish a simple method to help your title agents keep mobile phone calls documented.

Once you have finished your conversation on your mobile phone, call the office and leave a brief outline of the conversation in your voice mail. When you return to your office or at the end of the day, enter the information into the insured’s file or notebook in the automated system.

Calls that are taken by the title agent outside of the office are easily missed but still must be documented promptly. The agent can choose to record a voice note, transcribe their notes into a calendar or even write a note by hand. Whatever method is chosen, your title agents must have a defined process and you should provide a written policy for making sure out-of-office communications are documented properly.

Consistent, reliable call processing and documentation improves client satisfaction.

When an agent or someone else on staff is not aware of a client’s call, the client loses confidence and trust. They may feel that the office is disorganized, that the staff does not care or that what they say is not important to the agent. Using a documented method to keep records of remote phone calls can help everyone on staff keep up-to-date on your client’s requests.

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