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COVERAGE EVALUATOR—Be sure to get the BEST Errors & Omissions Insurance Coverage Available!TIACOTHER INSURERS
Broad coverage addressing today’s expansive exposures faced by
title professionals
Over 27 years of experience insuring title professionals nationwideYES?
Created and Endorsed by the American Land Title AssociationYESNO
Endorsed by major title underwriters and several regional
50% deductible reduction for agents of endorsing title underwritersYES?
$100,000 Client Funds Protection Coverage for theft of client funds
by persons other than Insureds or persons affiliated with the
Up to $50,000 Privacy Breach Mitigation Expense CoverageYES?
Up to $50,000 Attorneys’ Fees Reimbursement for Regulatory
Proceedings before federal or state agencies INCLUDING
proceedings before the CFPB
Loss of Earnings Coverage of $500 per day for required attendance
at trial
Pre-Claim Assistance covering all expenses insurance company incurs in investigating circumstances which may result in a claimYES?
Subpoena Assistance if an Insured receives a subpoena arising out
of Professional Services
Broad Professional Services definitions including service (other
than appraisals) delegated to the Insured as a “Service Provider” as
defined in the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010
Two way Extended Reporting Period OptionYES?
Expert claims and underwriting management services – each with
over 22 years of experience
Risk Management services to assist Insureds in reducing the
likelihood of a claim
Limits of liability up to $5,000,000YES?
Deductibles starting at $1,000 each claim/$3,000 annual aggregateYES?
Online Premium Estimate FormYES?

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