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TIAC has coverage designed specifically for you. TIAC was established as a risk retention group in the 1980s by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) as a way to establish long-term stability for title professionals seeking errors and omissions insurance. Since our inception, we’ve provided exceptional E&O liability insurance for ALTA members throughout the country and worked closely with our clients to provide dependable, individualized customer service. Any active ALTA member or associate member may apply for E&O coverage from TIAC, as well as non-members who agree to join ALTA.

Errors and Omissions Coverage for Title Professionals

Why Your Firm Needs Professional Liability Coverage

We live in a litigious society. Claims arising from your professional services can have a profound effect on the financial security of your company. Businesses are always looking for ways to trim expenses, but switching to a restrictive E&O policy or dropping your coverage altogether can be costly down the road.

Best Practices. E&O insurance is an essential component in protecting you against future claims and an integral part of ALTA’s Best Practices Pillar 6, requiring title agents to maintain appropriate levels of insurance coverage.

Why TIAC is the Clear Choice for Title Professionals

Protection of your assets: An E&O claim can be costly to your firm, both in time and money. By insuring with TIAC and keeping your E&O coverage in force, you’re protected by the most reliable and effective coverage in the industry.

Assistance when you need it: In the event of a claim, TIAC’s expert claims counsel matches you with an experienced E&O attorney to defend you. We also pay defense costs, subject to your deductible. And to alleviate issues before they become a claim, we offer pre-claims assistance.

Creation of policies specifically for your needs: Unlike many insurance carriers, E&O insurance is TIAC’s only business. Our experience and understanding of industry risks ensure that your E&O coverage is tailored just for you.