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10 August 2022

Back to Basics – What is a Claims-Made Policy?

10 August 2022,

At TIAC, we want to make sure our policyholders understand how their policy works, and where coverage begins and ends. Check out the information […]

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3 August 2022

Back to Basics – Extended Reporting Period (ERP)

3 August 2022,

This month we are reviewing common questions in a simple and engaging format. Today’s quick review is about the Extended Reporting Period. Check out […]

wire fraud
9 June 2022

Why Your Policy May Not Cover Third-party Losses Due to Wire Fraud

9 June 2022,

EXCLUSION: “any defalcation, theft, embezzlement, conversion or misappropriation of client or customer funds by an Insured and/or by a Person or Entity Affiliated With […]

Ohio's Safe at Home Program
1 June 2022

Ohio’s “Safe at Home” Program and What It Means for Lawyers and Real Estate Professionals

1 June 2022,

This past January, Ohio Senate passed the Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program. Ohio joined 36 states that allow survivors of domestic abuse to […]

Geographic Targeting Orders
25 May 2022

The Effect Geographic Targeting Orders is Having on the Title Insurance Industry

25 May 2022,

As financial sanctions have been publicized as the main strategy to punish Russian oligarchs who have invested in the US real estate market, it […]

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